What is EPOS and how can it help you?

For maximum efficiency and the best margins, restaurants need to keep the minimum amount of stock. However, also ensure the menu items can always be available and can be prepared for guests fast and efficiently.




From a restaurant perspective, EPOS (Electronic Point of Sales) may have at one time appeared an island of technology. But today, modern EPOS systems can help you to process your orders from kitchen to front of line services in the most efficient manner.

So, whether you run a boutique hotel or individual restaurant, or you’re part of the management structure in a large group, EPOS software can help to management your business end to end.


Better stock control is the most often-cited benefit of EPOS. If your products are suitable, it helps you reduce stock levels by maintaining up to date stock information and automatically generating purchase orders. This is good, but even better is the way you can use the resulting information to increase profitability.


Mobile EPOS (sometimes today referred to as MPOS) adopts the mobile revolution and brings the benefits of EPOS into environments where it would otherwise be impractical to have an EPOS system; for example a restaurant patio or stadium.


In the long term a modern EPOS system can save you money, increase staff productivity and save you time so that staff can focus on better customer service.  No matter how small a business is, an EPOS system is rarely unnecessary as it will bring many benefits, such as better reports, faster transaction times and the opportunity to increase revenue through loyalty plans.

Local Management

One of the main EPOS advantages cited is being able to keep track of activity in your restaurant or hotel in real time, to ensure better management of what is proving popular, and perhaps what is less so.  This can also be done on a local level if you manage a group of restaurants or hotels.

Hand-held ordering:

EPOS’ all-encompassing and innovative technology can include hand-held devices used for sending food orders straight to the kitchen from anywhere in a restaurant, as well as allowing payments and receipts to be completed quickly and efficiently, to save any unwanted waiting time by guests.

Loyalty schemes:

Loyalty plans are a great way for you to obtain revenue from repeat custom, as well as rewarding your regular customers and positively promoting your restaurant. By using EPOS technology integrated with a loyalty solution, it is possible to efficiently generate incremental revenues and profits.

These are just some of the ways that integrating EPOS technology into your restaurant can help run your business more efficiently.