Awaiting a reunion with your loved one?

Long distance relationships within the same country can be difficult. But ones which transcend national boundaries can be challenging. An additional issue is that immigration laws can be relentlessly changing and this can cause much confusion for everyone involved. The good news is that you can take some steps to make things easier for yourself and your spouse if one of you is from outside the UK.

Getting the right help

Spouse visa UK

If you’re in the UK, you will need a visa for your spouse. Spouse visa UK experts will help you here. There are a number of hurdles that must be crossed in order to get everything prepared. Immigration solicitors will help with:

  • Informing you of the rules which are in place so that you can prepare accordingly
  • Guiding you in the preparation of the correct evidence and financial proof
  • Providing support for you all the way through the process so you are able to plan ahead and prepare accordingly

There are financial, relationship, accommodation, English language and suitability requirements (including a criminal record check) to be completed and all of these must be backed up with the right proof. It is best to consult a specialist in the field. Solicitors working in a number of fields can be helpful but the insight and incisiveness which comes from an expert is unrivalled.

The Global Immigration Solution

Garth Coats are experts in the field of immigration law. With extensive experience in the provision of spouse, student, entrepreneurs and family visas (to name a few) they have established a robust reputation for themselves at the forefront of their field. And the approachable nature of their team of experts will make the procedure as smooth as possible for you. You can contact them directly via their website at –