How to Move House in the Rain

Moving house is known to be stressful, and unfortunately for all there are a number of things in which can add to the stress, making it worse – one of which being the weather. Bad weather conditions and rain can make moving house even more hard work, but don’t worry – If you are moving house in the near future and are scared regarding the uncertainty of the weather in England, we’ve got your covered. Today we are going to be providing some great tips and advice for those moving the rain for all to take advantage of.


Tips for Rainy Day Moves


  • No one can guarantee what the weather is going to be like on a particular day but there are ways of getting a vague idea. When moving house we always advise people to check the weather every day for a week leading up to moving day so that they can get an idea of what it is going to be like and prepare for the worst.
  • Ensuring that you have booked a reputable removals company to help with your move such as Elephant Removals is important. This is because they will have already encountered many moves in wet conditions and will therefore be able to handle them better than anyone else.
  • If you’re moving on a wet day you need to expect your move to take slightly longer, this is because extra precautions will have to be taken all stages, for examples moving boxes more carefully to avoid slipping and driving slower than usual.
  • Take care of your flooring. When it’s raining and you’re moving you should cover the floor in your house and leading up to to the van with cardboard this will not only stop you from slipping but also will stop your house from getting dirty.

  • Make sure that you are wearing all of the right clothing and gear, not only to stop you from getting wet but also to keep you safe from harm and injuries. Some of the things that you should be wearing when moving house in the rain include a raincoat and rubber boots.
  • When moving house using cardboard boxes you will find that the rain can make this much weaker which can lead to them breaking and possessions falling out. To avoid this you need to ensure that the moving van is as close to your house as possible and also consider protecting your boxes with plastic sheeting or something similar.

These are only some of the available tips when it comes to moving house in bad weather too! The key is to prepare yourself and take your time – NEVER rush a house move.