The Top Laboratory Instruments

Have you got a laboratory or currently working in one? Thinking of purchasing a new laboratory instrument to make sure that your targets and goals? Well you’re in luck because we can provide you with some of the leading instruments which you can invest your money in to make sure you receive back.

So if you’re wanting to know more, then take note of these leading laboratory instruments which are doing remarkably well in the industry:

Fiji FAME in Jet Instrument – This is great for industries which want a rapid and easy check on particle per million. In addition to this, this instrument also has the pleasure of providing a field or lab based screening tool, meaning that you can have a quick indication of possible fame contamination.

Evochrom Diesel System – This instrument includes a variety of things which can benefit you, for example a sample injector, HPLC isocratic pumps and even an amino column. This instrument has been said to provide accurate and precise results, therefore you can tell why the instrument is in high demand.

NEW Seta Auto PMCC – This instrument is loved by many as it is easy to operate and is full automatic, adding to this, the instrument also provides a variety of safety features such as an integral fire extinguisher.

KV-2 Low Temperature Viscometer Bath – This instrument is normally purchases for busy labs as there is a two place low temperature viscosity bath, and also included a small footprint. Adding to this, the bath does not require an external chiller, and some of the most popular features of this instruments is that it has a heated window, and a low fluid level cut-out. Incredibly popular instrument.

AvCount 2 Particle Counter – This laser based particle analyser is often used for determining the particle concentration liquid fuels and oils. This popular instrument includes features such as an internal double pump system and is easy to use with its large touch screen display.

As you can probably see there are plenty of different types of laboratory instruments which can benefit you, it is important to choose an instrument which has features to help you. It is incredibly important to have full knowledge on each instrument, therefore to find out more information simply contact Mindex who can give you full knowledge and additional information on the best instruments for you.